Healthcare Start Up - 1 year

A digital health startup empowering the physical therapeutic alliance. By connecting the patient to the therapist outside of the clinic environment, patients can build better habits and therapists can improve outcomes.

Value Prop

  • Akeso provides solutions to the problems of the therapists
    1. Organized patient profiles and a streamlined HEP database provided to therapists to help save them time that they would rather be spending with their patients
    2. By tracking the completion and pain feedback from patients, Akeso provides data analytics to show patient improvement which is crucial information
    3. With reminders to the patients for both HEP, Akeso improves patient engagement. Ultimately improving compliance of patients to their HEPs.
  • Akeso also benefits the patients as well
    1. With a direct channel of communication to therapists, patients are more encouraged to ask questions, which would normally waste clinical session time with the therapist.
    2. They also have easier to understand HEP assignments
    3. And a progress tracker to boost morale show and encourage improvement

Pain Points:

During the 8 weeks of Brown University’s accelerator program - Breakthrough Lab, we talked to a number of therapists, patients, and advisors to garner a better understanding of the barriers existing in the industry.
  • Paperwork
    1. Almost all the PTs we talked to said their number one headache was paperwork
      1. This is the documentation related to the patient's treatment that therapists provide to insurance companies for reimbursement aka money.
      2. It’s a tedious and repetitive process - wastes the time they want and should be spending with their patients
  • Communication
    1. Of the 50+ patients we talked to, only a handful ever reached out to their therapist outside of clinic time.
    2. Despite this, 70% have admitted to wondering if they were completing their HEPS correctly.
      1. Instead, they used it as an excuse to not do their HEPs till the next session - basically losing a week’s worth of progress.
  • Patient engagement
    1. Age-old issue of patients who don’t do their HEPs.
    2. For context: Let’s say a patient goes to an hour long clinic session, three times a week. These three hours only make up a small percentage of the entire number of hours one spends awake in a week. If patients aren’t in touch with PT the rest of the time - they very easily forget the fact that PT is a 24/7 healing process.
  • Also, we must note that patient's lie.

Cofounder - Lauren Ho

Contact me at jillianmcai@gmail.com