Patient Pain Tracker
Medical Technology - 3 days

A wearable pain tracker for hospital patients to keep record of their pain levels. By pinching the thumb glove, the patient can unbiasedly record their current level of pain.

During Dutch Design Week, I participated in the MakeHealth Live event, hosted in the Embassy of Health exhibit and run by Careables. I got to work with health professionals and fellow designers on 1 of 3 healthcare related projects. The workshop was set up so that we were provided existing projects to chose from and, after choosing one, were given the ‘blueprints’ to the project so that we could either replicate or ‘further improve’ upon the existing prototype.

I chose the project of “pain measurement readers”. In hospitals, how this is traditionally completed is simply by having a nurse ask the patient to verbally rate their pain a few times per day. The project that stemmed from this was a squeezable hand wearable or ball that had used a conductive string to rate the pressure applied. We furthered this idea into a finger wearable that used a simple pressure sensor to measure this.

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MakeHealth Live 2018 - Dutch Design Week

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