Dog Walking Belt
Design Research - 6 weeks

A belt that reduces the number of tasks a dog walker has to manage. Styled after the techwear aesthetic, the all-black belt blends seamlessly into one’s attire. Allowing for opportunities of socialization between dog*owner and other dog*owner pairs.

Conduct human-centered research with a team on an assigned topic and location in order to find the need. Independently develop a product that would account for the need.
Topic : Dog Walking
Location : Franciscan Dog Park

Most owners described ‘other people’ as their biggest concern. This is due to the fact that one must rely on other owners and dogs to be well-trained and respectable. This is due to differeing beliefs and expectations for what is acceptable. For example, some owners will bring their dogs in on leashes. This instantly creates tension amongst the dogs, as it is a weird dynamic for a dog to be under constraints while the rest are able to run around freely.

Diversity in Dogs
There are so many different kinds of dogs that frequent these parks. Factors such as age, familiarity with the park, upbringing, and more can impact the dog and owner’s level of comfort and behavior within the park.

The main reason why people come to dog parks is for their dogs and/or themselves to socialize. Many owners are reliant on their dogs being friendly for this portion. While we heard stories of people meeting others, this often times was never the main purpose of them comign to the parks.

Initial Concept

A wearable product that reduces the number of tasks that a dog walker has to manage, allowing the walker to develop a more balanced and trusting relationship with his/her dog. This also opens up opportunities for comfortable socializing experiences with other dog walkers as there is less to multitask.
The leash served as the main cause of stress and concern when it came to social interactions. Other objects that dog walkers often had with them on walks were their phone and poop bags. Occupied hands proved to be the resulting consequence.

Moving the leash out of the hand seemed to be the best plan of action.

Main Features

  • Increasing the freedom of the user’s hands. The wearable leash with a built in track allows for the walker to not have to hold the leash themselves.
  • Adjustable sizing for all types of walkers and dog leashes
  • Phone and poop bag holder that is both secure and stylish.

Design Principles II with Beth Mosher - Spring 2018

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